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SapreaverTwo 05-28-2016 11:59 AM

Quality of life changes and suggestions.
Hrya SapreaverTwo here. Most of y all know me or remember me from back of the day and you probably know I quit. Well i'm back for the time being probably the next year maybe longer. Well I was gone I played many games over the years, went to college and, am now in university

Nodiatis is in dire need of qol changes the interface is clunky and not very intuitive. These are things that are off putting to new players.

Some simple tweaks that make things stand out a bit more and be a little bit more organized so new players can find things easier and thus learn the game you have faster.

The biggest thing that I feel needs changing is the skills menu. There is a lot there and it's not very clear what's going on at all. It gives good information but it can be better.

My suggestion for this is to break away from the current set up listing areas on the left and than all the skills in the center to something that draws players in while simultaneously increasing organization and understandING of the game.

I believe this can be done by having it set up so when you click the skill icon instead of just giving you information overload. It brings it up sorted as such.

Trade and adventuring.

Beneath each of these headings
Are icons that corespond to the respective altars at the church. When you click on these icons it than slides to the top left and lists the skills that can be learned by using trophies at that alter.

Accompanying this change would be the removal of the show all skills button it's unnecessary with the new set up instead replace it on the new set up with headers dividing the skills up. In to basic, novice, expert, master, legendary. This entices new players to adVance with out being a cluttered messed while also giving you room to add more skills with out worrying about room. Add a scroll bar if need be to see everything.
Another change that would be beneficial would be to remove the hover descriptions instead of that you click the skill to see the description. This slides all skills below that one down a little bit. And displays information about the highlighted skill.

Thsee next two suggestions are not qol suggestions but a way to combat the boring 1 square farming of areas because that's rather boring and you have a big map why artificially limit people to like 1 square per area.
have adventuring experienced earned the first time you enter a new zone equal to that of entering a town. This rewards new players for playing and progressing in the game more than just look a big sword or slightly more invisible power.
Now to Combat 1 square farming of areas have each square you've never been too give adventuring exp of about 2% of entering a new town. This promotes moving around the map more, would help combat the boredom of town walking and, generally be more thematic to adventuring.
In addition to these two above changes to adventuring exp. Add a square or two in each area that isn't a path called a point of interest. When found they give experience equal to half that of a town and contain a chest that has gold equal to a half that of a seers quest of that areas level. . This can be used as a narative tool to expand the lore.
Have these be randomly placed for each new character and only collectible once and once found go in to the achievements tab where you can review them and read about the lore or to check if you missed something.

Examples of points of interest.

Small area ( scorch land )
Destroyed water temple.
This temple was used to give offerings to the gods of water it was once a lush beautiful place now all that remains is a charred temple and burnt trees.

Large area ( plains)
Elephant graveyard.
Mounds upon mounds of bones are piled up here from a distance it looks like hills of salt or sand only as you approach could you make out the details of tusks and giant skeletons in the center lays a ruined alter and a fresh ogres corpse, two large holes in its abdomen.

Abandoned Ogre Sentry tower.
You stumble upon a decrepit watch tower no one seems to be around. It seems to be made by ogres. You better not stay too long.

These are two early game examples of points of interest the first one in the scorched lands sets up that the old civilization made offering to the wager gods thus foreshadowing the water elemental boss if you find the point first or explaining why there is a rampaging water elemental in the scorched Landa.

The second gives hints to what the boss is while hinting about the ogres further south explains why there is blood on the elephants tusks and expands the lore.

The third foreshadows the nearby ogres more.

These are some of my suggestions I have more that might be beneficial but the listed changes for adventuring would help expand nodiatis's lore while encouraging new players to explore the map and find pushes them to progress to learn.
The qol changes would also help to taper off the learning curve a bit to help newer peeps understand and pick up the game quicker. While also giving you as a developer room to expand the game. By say adding a new class of magic or even unarmed combat. Something the current set up with be difficult to allow. It also explains why skills every 20 levels increase in exp cost per level.
Anyways please respond glitch would love to hear your input.

Also any changes you guys can think of.

SapreaverTwo 05-28-2016 12:28 PM

Ooh before I forget can you move the life magic skill that boost damage barriers over to psyche magic it seems like a better fit there since damage barriers are greys domain. I think it's called palisade.

Also skill suggestions for psyche magic since there are so few skills involving damage barriers and it's such a niche tool.

Explosive shielding. Gives a 0.5% per point that when your damage barrier is broken it explodes dealing damage equal to half as much health it had before breaking. Fading shields have a chance of exploding every time they fade. They deal physical damage when exploding but only half as often.. (Not testudo)

Wild shielding gives up to a 50% chance to have your casted damage barriers affect your entire team but for 50% The shielding. Only one of wild shielding or fade away can be used at once.

Fade away. When a non fading barrier you cast is struck up to half the damage dealt becomes a fading damage barrier equal.

Say you have wild shielding and you cast a 500 hp barrier on your team. You each receive a shield for 250. A mage or archer hits the whole team for 700 all three shields break you all take 450 the archer takes 375.

Say you have fade away. And you cast a 500 hp shield on yourself. You then take a hit for 400. You gain a fading damage shield for 200 that can potentially explode for 100 damage.

SapreaverTwo 05-29-2016 12:38 AM

As for implementation for the adventure changes. I'm not sure how you have your database set up storing character information. But on each character record add a new column coresponding to whether they've entered a square it can be a string.
In client load in the string to bool area set up as such (boolean explored [map height] [MAP WIDTH] )
Have each default to 1 and as you move it preforms a check. Comparing player x/y cords to the the new spot on the array. Like so.
If( explored [player.gety ()][player.getx ()] ) {
There are functions to output arrays as a string that can be easily stored in a database as well.

flipynifty 05-29-2016 10:58 AM

Explosive shielding. Gives a 0.5% per point that when your damage barrier is broken it explodes dealing damage equal to half as much health it had before breaking. Fading shields have a chance of exploding every time they fade. They deal physical damage when exploding but only half as often.. (Not testudo)

like that skill idea

hotshot64 05-29-2016 03:06 PM

Good ideas, and on top of that I'd like to see some actual quests.

flipynifty 05-29-2016 03:57 PM

mini quests or daily quests would be awesome, even just for some learning exp or adv exp

jaym 05-29-2016 03:59 PM

i want some coffee hurry yup :)

Blaze 05-29-2016 04:18 PM

I personally am happy with skill window setup but that's mostly cuz I've used it for years.

Support 2% a square and adventuring exp first time you enter a town.

Points of interest is mostly pointless the way you suggested. Low levels would either spend 1-2 days rrt searching zones like scorchedlands or if they wait til out of rrt they search for 1-2 hours to get...100g and some minor exp? If and for caps..even they highest level zones give 5k gold a 2.5k gold from them are nothing. And half adventuring exp...I'll just hit t4-5 once and get better rewards less effort. Only people who would do it are people like me who enjoy the story but we're a minority.

Since we're learning stuff at the points of interest give learning exp instead. This would motivate most to find them

Does palisade affec the grey shields? Idr. But it does affect white gems like damage negation aura and reflection aura justifying it being under life magic.

Explosive shielding feels OP. To be expanded on below.

Wild shielding..the yellow snow of shields. Unlike healing gems tho shields already have aoe shields. So how does this skill apply for them? If it procs the shield is basically just 1.5x. Shared bliss increases this another 25%.then explosive damage bonus shields don't increase so say aoe dd would burst them all and take quite a bit of damage. Say it's 1k shield each. That's 500 exploding damage each. Then damage bonus making this x4-5 damage would be potentially 7.5k damage? Adding in venge shots if enemy is Archer? Wouldn't make much sense if shield only bursts once for 3 aoe shields. What if they break at different times and such.

I support fade away at a lower % not 100%.

Smashbros 05-29-2016 07:23 PM

I support exploring the map more.

I read over the UI changes you suggested, and at 1st was like meh, but then read again and thought about it some more and i do like it.

The UI is being changed this year i believe glitch said, and its all getting a facelift, which is a good thing. This would double as a face lift AND a way to not confuse new people as well. With the scrolling definition it would also give room to clarify the skill properly, instead of it being limited as much as it is currently, which can only be a good thing.

Nomicon 05-30-2016 03:56 AM

Hey sap just stopped by to say sorry for assuming u were lavapool, good luck in wpack.

That said, seemed like you were trolling me on grindr and sphincter, and asking for nova officers from another level 1 alt fourpunchman.

..Which is what lavapool does, hence my reaction.

No hard feelings i hope

Turkeygoesmoo 05-14-2017 11:52 AM


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