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Glitchless 08-22-2008 04:16 AM

Recruitment/Referral System
Recruiting new people to the game can get you massive experience in the Recruitment skill, without needing to spend real money yourself. If a person makes a character after clicking on your unique link to Nodiatis then you will gain experience just as if you had done it yourself. To acquire your link you must type /refer (for HTML) or /sig (for a forums-coded link) while logged on Nodiatis, but follow these guidelines:

Things to avoid:
1. You cannot SPAM your link! Never post it more than once on any one site or forums. Never merely post your link with no explanation of what it is or with a terse explanation such as "Play this" or "go here".

2. Do not mislead or annoy people with your link - it defeats the purpose. You want people who click your link to WANT to sign-up and eventually pay for the game because if they don't then there's nothing in it for you.

3. Don't post your link in Nodiatis or in the Nodiatis forums - it's pointless since the people here already have accounts.

4. Don't try to refer your own accounts or accounts of people you share computers/emails/purchaser info with. This will be automatically filtered out on the first purchase.

Things you CAN and should do:
1. Put your link on your Twitch page when you stream Nodiatis. Just don't forget to show some cleavage, dudes. It's the thot that counts.

2. Write about Nodiatis and include your reference link on your Facebook, Twitter, blog, or other type social media.

3. Include your link in your signature of other forums that you frequent. Include an explanation such as "Games I'm Currently Playing"

4. Write a detailed and intelligent post when posting your link in any forums (other than these). Tell people what you like and don't like about the game and what makes it better or similar to games you've played in the past. Don't beg/ask/tell them to play it - just tell them you play it and be honest. People don't like fluff.

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