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Zan 03-08-2016 11:29 AM

Creating it
Last year, I came back playing after a few years off.
With the coming back, I started planning on a project to invest some game time and decided to run it through 2016.

One of the reasons behind this was unsb cost: both Zan and Sami have near complete setups (skills and main gear) that can make decent gold.
To play around with their equipment would require doing the unsb dance, which its cost alone (without considering the new gear price) would reach near the same value for equipping a brand new toon with LGs - while I'd still have the other two for gold income - and now I'd have a third for team arena.

Wanted to post it from the moment I started, but due to lazyness I just took some screenies along the way instead.
Now that the first -easy- part is almost done, I've decided to start the thread.

Meet the 2016 project: Hasty

And the new-years debt:

Used for 30 virtues, normal accel and 16 weeks standard + 1h rested time that I then converted to premium.

I`ll save some posts below for the next steps - three total

Zan 03-08-2016 11:30 AM

Building it
After purchasing the virtues and joining clan for the wise rune, I started building its first setup for level 1-20 mobs, that is like shown below, except for the weapons - where a 28 2h piercer was used insted (no screenie of that, unfortunately)

Once I reached the last level 13 mob quest, I finished it but didnt get the reward, instead bumped the toon to level 20 so I could access perception (since adv learning and active accel were being penalized)

There I also bumped dual wield to 20 and piercing to 42, equipping the weapons above and deleveling back to 17 - now with perception active so all next quests were levelling it up. Along the way, rabbits damage became useless, so I changed them for swans for better survival.

While questing, I always prioritized learning xp boosts (adv learning, active accel and cultivation over perception, since the last one doesnt affect active (questing) xp)

After reaching level 40, new combat skills were avaliable so I took that time to also boost piercing to 64 and suiting to 58, leaving me with the setup below.

This was the gear I used until I reach cap (and why I chose piercer as a setup - amazing how it doesnt depend much on gear given the parry boost). I also stopped questing at the last mob/boss that would be gray at level 82.

Since then, I've set the learning-boost learnings in passive, following the highest (%boost at that level up)/(xp to level) ratio, so I could have the most xp upon finishing the quest set later on.

Since I got some questions regarding the logic behind the learning skill prioritizing, thought I'd explain it here:

Lets compare active acceleration and cultivation: one gives up to 25% boost to all xp gains and the other gives up to 200% extra xp, both active and passive. Since my goal here is learning skills, I will not consider the overall boost given by active accel, only its contribution to learnings.
Right now, I have both active accel and cultivation at 69, one takes three times the xp the other needs, but also gives a much higher bonus. So how to compare them?

The method I choose was based on %boost/xp_cost:

Level 69 takes 6291.8k xp to be levelled to 70 per tier.
Active accel gives 1+(0.69)*(0.25) = 17.25% boost at level 69 and 1+(0.70)*(0.25) = 17.5% at level 70.
Looking at the ratio between the boosts as a separated multiplier, we could say that this one skill levelled would be equal to a (1.175/1.1725) = 1.00213 (0.213%) bonus.

Applying the same for cultivation gives us 138% boost at 69 and 140% boost at 70, that is equal to a 0.84% separated bonus.

Now take the boost and divide by the total xp needed. Whichever is higher is the one that should be chosen next. For this example:
Active accel: 0.213/6291.8 = 339 e-9
Cultivation: 0.84/(3*6291.8) = 445 e-9

Cultivation would then be chosen, since its ratio is higher.
These ratios don't mean much on their own, but are useful when comparing different skills

Since the goal I set for the first reroll is 50b xp AND a predetermined active accel, adv learning, perception and cultivation level, there really wasn't a point in raising trophy xp-boosting learnings, since what I estimated shown that the 50b xp would be achieved faster than the wanted learning skills, even with 0 squire/arcane/companionship.

We currently have 124 combat skills for 108 spirit skills (tier 2 counted twice and so on, also not considering epics), but since I had many combats already leveled up for questing they would finish pretty much at the same time - assuming an exact 50% trophy division.
And that is why I left petmanship skills to be done later: whichever category - combat or spirit - finishes first will then be thrown into pet altar, until the other reaches 89 on all skills and join the first one on this altar.

This is the current total xp.

All combat and magic skills are at 89 now. Working on pet while adv learning reaches 85 (which will ding 30 hours from now).
As estimated, I'll reach 50b before the advanced learning reaches 85. After that, I'll do the remaining quests to boost active accel, perception and cultivation to 79 each and adv learning to 89.

This week, the first part of the project will be finished. The reroll is already schedule to happen the day arena season starts!

March 16 - Learnings I set as a goal just reached the predetermined values. I'll now finish this first quest set on the way to rerolling. This is how the learnings look prior to que last quests (as mentioned, I stopped at the last L78 mob/boss)

With the estimated quest xp, I'll pretty much have the learning-boosting skills up to an adequate value for the first reroll.

March 21 - Finished the quests I'm able to (up to frozen volcano). This is what is the learnings look like now.

The L70 in rush of knowledge will ding in ~9 hours, so thats pretty much the time I have to set up the toon for the reroll I plan for tomorrow.
I plan to farm Zan and Sami's RRT tomorrow before rerolling and see if I can reach 55b

March 24th - Project on hold as I won't be able to play for a while. Final results:

Zan 03-08-2016 11:30 AM

Rerolling it

Zan 03-08-2016 11:31 AM

Fine tuning it

Zan 03-08-2016 01:20 PM

sig test

Tharkas 03-08-2016 01:33 PM

I like. Interesting to see what you can do when you know what you are doing

Tip 03-09-2016 02:57 AM

Awesome Start
I'm even more intrigued with the visuals!

Sanlucifer 03-10-2016 03:25 PM

This is awesome, nice work.

Zan 03-24-2016 01:59 PM

I'd like to thank everyone for the feedback here and ingame.
Unfortunately, I'll have to put this project on hold, as I'm taking another long break.

I managed to finish the first step of this project and have the toon ready for rerolling (first post is updated with its current setup), paid the debt I had and am now running some errands to put the three toons into hibernate mode.

As many of the ones I talk with knew, I'm a developer working remotely since 2015 Q3 - hence the extra time for alt-tabbing other projects.
Starting on the next week, I'm moving to the company HQs for the next - and quite exciting - part of the job, which will make a huge dent on my spare time for at least a year long and the reason why I will not login anymore.

Thanks to Merc for having me for this whole time and taking me back after each break I took.
Also a big thanks to Glitchless team for designing such a unique game that was able to take my mind off things for good long hours.
Keep it up!


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