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Enduir 08-04-2014 01:20 PM

Remove 'rebind key' prompt in PvP.
In arena the rebind prompt pops up repeatedly and makes it difficult for me to smash unneeded gems. Every time it opens, I have to move around the prompt to shatter a gem either because of the tiny delay between Nod registering a gem and me clicking to shatter or due to stuns/meses.

Could we have the prompt removed when involved in PvP? If I want to optimise my hoykeys there's plenty of time outside the queue. Three or four prompts popping up when I'm trying to spam taunts is such a hindrance. I don't mind having to right-click twice because of the delay, or because I'm stunned, but I'd like the option to do it without fear of rebinding something in the wrong place.

Pleese and fank u.

Soxson 08-04-2014 03:36 PM


froth2 08-05-2014 07:07 AM

i would like hot keys added tto siuts and gem bags as well very good idea

and support your thing too : )

Oneangel 08-05-2014 11:34 AM


Originally Posted by froth2 (Post 174054)
i would like hot keys added tto siuts and gem bags as well

This would be awesome and I would love it but I suspect that we won't be allowed this as it would require 2 clicks to do this without a hot key.

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