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Fior 06-21-2016 10:09 AM

Transfer trophies from inventar to storage
Please make activ option to "Transfer trophies from inventar to storage". As we looting trophies from mob to inventory to press INVENTORY from transfer trophies from Inventory to Storage.
In reroll mode we loose so much time to manipulate so many stacks of trophies in higher zone, also loosin rrt.
We buying Double Accel to shorting time in game burning rrt, but now, with so many stack of trophies from higher zones, is like.. aplle, i mean is like have no Double Accel. :(

Please allow this option and make active.
Thank you

Joanna 06-21-2016 11:18 AM

I see it fair and I support.

In addition non casting toons can do it while fighting while casters has to take a break to do so.

Seems like fix and fair way to treat all play styles equally.


>.> 06-21-2016 11:35 AM

Having the grinder upgrade and premium status stops the rrt bar from draining after a time out of combat. Allowing a press for storage button would just encourage botting more so than corpse to inventory already does

Fior 06-22-2016 10:24 AM

Booting ppl will be caught at some point and will be banned and all their work will be useless.
For one or two wich booting is not fair to rest of all others, with or without grinder, wich invest real dollar and years of work here, i mean play here, to suffer.

Davross 06-22-2016 04:33 PM

I think glitch approved this, I dunno, like a year ago. Think it was one of those 'bump to remind me' things. Will try and find and bump for you.

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