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Relic 09-14-2009 12:51 AM

Tips from Relic
1- Once you're above level 50, you can sacrafice 25 trophys at a time.
Kill mobs in sessions, and hoard all your trophys from that session into your storage. Sacrafice them all at once in increments of exactly 25 stacks. (Get your item stacking to 20, 45, or 70, in order to achieve stacks of 25, 50, or 75) This prevents from sacraficing partial stacks, which is a waste of EXP when you get an EXP rush. You'll get much more exp/skills much faster using this method.
Never take the risk of gaining an EXP rush on a partial stack. Do Not neglect/underestimate your learning skill, Rush of Knowledge.

2- For boss fights in which the bosses are far above your own,
Make sure you're tanker has a shield equiped. Also, be sure that he has the equivilent of his level at least in the skill "Deflective Shield". The ability to reflect the bosses DD's back to him after he berserks is priceless. In my personal expierence I defeated the 86 boss with 75 in Deflective shield, last shot was a deflection of 850 damage, which in turn won the battle.

3- If you're finding it hard to pick which skills to level first, and you're a melee or beast master type character, Crit Strike, and Double Attack will show the most increase in DPS.

4- After much calculations, the proven method for acquiring the maximum amount of trophys per hour, is White/Yellow or Yellow/Orange (I prefer Yellow/Orange) Mobs. Fighting Red->Black mobs is not only a waste of RRT/RT for such small result, you also crack open less chests per hour, which means less gold. Also, seems that the epic drop rate in Nodiatis is not like other games, as in you have a 0.001% chance of finding an epic/unique item.
But rather, you gain an Epic per a certain unspecified amount of kills, and with this mob combination, you kill more mobs more faster, which means faster Epics. I woulden't suggest anything above Red unless of course you're searching for a certain Epic.

5- Keep you're mind busy, killing thousand of mobs eventually becomes boring and frustrating, and you will eventually give up, watch a show on T.V while you're killing, surf the net, watch, dabble in the forums, write you're relatives that are in jail, write long drawn out forum threads like this one.

6- This one goes well while doing tip 5. When you have another application going, such as surfin' the net, or watching Youtube for example, keep the music ON in the Nodiatis applet. Because when the mob dies, the music stops, and you know exactly when to start another battle, without distraction & with minimal waste of RRT/RT.

7- Despite popular belief, staying lower than level cap to "bring your skills to your level" is actually a bad idea, for many reasons. For one, trophy, and gold amounts are much higher at level 70, which means you're skills and wealth grow much faster, for example, the amount of expierence you gain in 2 weeks in skeleton coast(34ish area?), could possibly be attained in 2-3 days in Roggark Hills (level71 area). So, rush rush rush to level cap, only stopping to farm areas with popular epics for longer periods. Worry about skills when you get there, its the last thing you have to do anyways. It makes much more sense, and is much more efficient.

8- Crushing PvP tip, I see a lot of players choosing higher damage weapons over lower damage faster weapons for PvP.
I have always prefered faster, lower damage weapons for PvP, especially crushing and slashing. For one reason: Faster weapons, proc stuns and other adverse effects a lot more often, even with higher DPS, a faster weapon keeping your enemy stunned is like taking there weapons away, vastly decreasing there DPS. I understand that this tip could potentially be subject to criticism, But I believe I have proven this strategy many, many times over.
For example, I prefer the 71rare crushers, over the 59, & 80 crushers, especially for PvP.

9- Energy and Mana Theft Runes & Auras,
A very underestimated class of Runes/Auras. For example, (even as a non-caster type class) Imagine filling a pouch with nothing but heals, instants and HoTs, and then being able to sustain a steady flow of incoming mana/energy through your Runes and Auras, you could cast a massive amount of large heals per fight, while maintaining the same DPS. Potentially turning you into a very considerable PvP'er with minimal effort. The power to heal itself is underestimated, a heal is the exact same thing as decreasing your opponents DPS, and removing previous strikes.. Much more powerfull than it seems. There are many implications for this versatile strategy, I have tested a few with surprising results.


Originally Posted by Chrism (Post 54711)
10-Invest some time in a resourcefulness skill, and possibly the artistry skill the accompanies it as well. You can make a significant amount of gold on the AH.
Never dismantle an item unless you want the recipe (or the dusts if it is an epic). The resins that are produced by dismantling are only worth about 90% of the store resell value, so you would be better off selling the item and buying resins on your own if you plan to craft trophies with the resins.
Download my item listing if you're trying to figure out where something is sold. It can be found at Http://

11- Always keep separate Rune sets for PvP and PvE. (If your current clan can afford this many Runes) I prefer Crit, Vamp, Ironclad, & Haste for PvP || Crit, Haste, Assurance, & Damage Runes for PvE (Also use a different set for black bosses & Rune of the Wise when unloading the days catch in Trophys) Just something to keep in mind.


Originally Posted by zenga (Post 54850)
12- Make sure that you never leave your main clan if you have joined other clans that month. The max number of clan invites you can accept per month is 3. If for one or another reason you get clanless, you won't be able to join another clan till the last day of the month, and thus having no access to runes; which will decrease your killing speed drastically.
(In my case: i merc'ed a bit around earlier this month, kicked Zenga with an alt from Fuma to test if and officer could kick another officer, since i already accepted 3 invites I'm thus clanless till September 30th)

13- When dueling Archery classes, never use any meaningless DDs or Cantrips, this will activate the skill "Vengefull Shot" and you will quickly find yourself defeated.


All good tips will be added to the main list.
With appropriate credits.

Sapreaver 09-14-2009 01:18 AM

For 6 just have the sound on, it is much much less annoying and the killing blow seems to have a slightly different sound from my experience lol or I am psychic and the most you can lose is your weapons delay. With only the music on... you may end up getting dazed with out realizing it. now this may seem smal but at level 70 and with say 70 aqquital it is still a much higher loss then the 3 4 seconds from the weapons delay

Ha Ha Quad Crits Poisons are a bitch especialy when you never take damage from any mob below black and kill your self Ha Ha Experienced...

7 is true but it promotes power leveling which I am againest because games like this are journeys and skipping the first 70 levels if boring ^.^

Music 09-14-2009 01:18 AM

Very nice tips Relic!
Im sure lots of people will find it useful at any lvl!

This might sound silly but i never remember the colours of the mobs.. when you say Yellow/Orange thats +1/+2 ?

And if possible i could add a little tip of my own so people dont always WC in chat :

When you set your "any key pressed", "default key pressed" in chat options in nodi to clan messages, you will never WC to main civil or main uncivil chat any important information, any key pressed on your keyboard will go to /1 or /g or whatever you set it too.
Right click->Default chat options-> Default Enter pressed chat and Default No Key Pressed Chat.. as well as the third option

I have them set on I never wc in civil.

Hope this helps.

PS. ANd lol Relic I think i remember when you figured out the sound part that was so cute :P

edgecution 09-14-2009 03:16 AM

Very nice tips...learned a few things from it.

edgecution 09-14-2009 03:17 AM

Plus rep to relic.

Ravenskar 09-14-2009 07:28 AM

Not one tip how to be a TC Ho. : /

Decker 09-14-2009 07:38 AM

can we share that info with non-clannies?

zenga 09-14-2009 09:24 AM

reminds me to the radio show we have here 'recipes from grandma'

but pretty cocky to call it *tips from relic* when many things were said while you were still a noob :P

Tridius 09-14-2009 09:42 AM

lol, #7 is only very usefull with accel/lots of time.

still good tips. +rep... as soon as i can

Tapobu 09-14-2009 09:56 AM

any word on balanced leveling vs skewed leveling for the first trip to 70? should a person just go 70/70/70/70 to get there as fast as possible, then redistribute later?

flipynifty 09-14-2009 10:38 AM

Tapobu, Levelling evenly may put you at a disadvantage if you want to solo through bosses and pinks as you go, as well as the time and gold you will have to spent redistributing at lvl 80.

If you have a end-game build in mind, for example 100 1 100 79. Then you may want to level melee and def ahead of your own level a bit (maybe 10 levels) and level magic too (for the MST) until you reach cap. This will save you some time for sure. You could always do your build from the beginning too, though the 79 89 99 hell levels at a lower level would take some time. Once you reach 80 you will most likely change your build to your liking anyway.

Going 70 70 70 70 is certainly an option. Just think ahead at A) time it will take to redis repeatedly B) the gold it will cost you (unless you make purchases frequently) C) what do you want to do? PVE? PVP? Combination that can change with a quick redis of def?

Decker 09-14-2009 10:41 AM


Originally Posted by zenga (Post 54455)
reminds me to the radio show we have here 'recipes from grandma'

but pretty cocky to call it *tips from relic* when many things were said while you were still a noob :P

ya its more like "Tips I've over heard"

Relic 09-14-2009 12:57 PM


Originally Posted by zenga (Post 54455)
reminds me to the radio show we have here 'recipes from grandma'

but pretty cocky to call it *tips from relic* when many things were said while you were still a noob :P

Hah, I typed them, therefore they are Tips from Relic.
Never heard anyone else give these tips, End of Story. ;)

Gayvenskar 09-14-2009 02:05 PM

These tips are....

zenga 09-14-2009 02:12 PM


Originally Posted by Relic (Post 54466)
Hah, I typed them, therefore they are Tips from Relic.
Never heard anyone else give these tips, End of Story. ;)

Yeah back in the days you were too noob to read the forum. Or to remember what was written :P

But it's no big deal. At least you do the effort to write this down and make a helpful thread :)

Gayvenskar 09-14-2009 02:13 PM

Omfg Zenga is sooooo SECKSY!!!

Jon 09-14-2009 02:17 PM

The following Tip from Relic was offered in PM:

Don't ever choose the Regener class. It's a fail/waste time/crap class irl tbh bbq blah blah blah.

No seriously, he did say that.

Relic 09-14-2009 08:16 PM

Anybody think of any good tips that I'm missing?
Or can we continue the whole "Relics a noob" "these are my ideas from years ago" or "pretty cocky to call it *tips from relic*" :p Sounds pretty ridiculous.

sierracoop 09-14-2009 11:16 PM

Habitual drama queen, relic?

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