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Glitchless 05-02-2019 04:23 PM

Listless Change, Steam Accounts Easy Migration
The Listless Aura will now only effect people with above average regen mods, with a similar threshold as the Staff of Shielding. This is to allow people with normal HP regeneration to use items that cause Listless on themselves without it lowering their already low HP regen.

An LG has been added that introduces a new mechanic to the game: Crit resistance. This works vs. all types of attacks and is shown as "Cresist". Attacks that would have been crits end up being normal attacks when cresisted.

Purchasing Time Cards is no longer supported via Steam.

Players with Nodiatis accounts that log in with Steam can be easily converted to normal PW accounts. Simply use the Account Options -> Change Account Password option. This will allow you to log in with a password at or by using the normal client that you can download at

The benefits are:
1. You can actually buy time cards.
2. You can run multiple clients at once.

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