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Drugar 04-08-2009 05:00 PM

I've gone looking for a list of resources in the past and came back with several partially complete lists, so I made one for myself. I figured I would post it, though some may say it is only partially complete itself. There is a great spreadsheet for resource tiers that helps as well. I don't recall who the OP was for the spreadsheet, but I would recommend grabbing it off the forums as well. The enchanting information was pulled from other posts, not from personal experience, so hopefully they are correct.

The images have the skill required colored differently for resourcefulness (yellow), artistry (orange) and crafting (green). The associated enchanting stat is listed in the far left column. The required tool is listed as well, with the first town it becomes available in listed in parenthesis.

The first resources are the "raw" resources. These are obtained by performing an action after combat (or looting in the case of silk). These resources when used in enchanting give a random stat bonus as indicated below. All of these use the resourcefulness skill (aside from the silks).

The next resources are "processed resources" and are obtained by performing an action on raw resources. In some cases, this is simply letting the raw resources decay overnight in your inventory, however most are from using a tool (as indicated).

The last few resources are obtained by combining other processed resources and are in every other way similar to processed resources

Hope it helps someone seeking resource information and doesn't just become another partially complete list.


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