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Soxson 10-04-2018 06:31 PM

Floating equipment window and inventory slots in pc client
So I re-downloaded pc client very recently and am still figuring things out.

My question being: when I only have equipment and inventory window floating, how do I close my inventory (not floating) without also closing equipment window.

I wanna have the window open at all times but it'll also have my inventory showing. I do like having inventory showing at times but other times, it just gets in the way, such as when resourcing or arenaing. Click backpack once and it closes floating equip window. Click backpack again and it closes inventory. Click it again and it opens both.

If I close both and inspect someone, it'll show their equip without opening my inv, but it seems there's no way to only have my own equip showing without the inventory also showing.

Example of why I'd like to exit out inv. Having equipment window open in arena is a must for people with lots of LGs to swap around but this happens.

Soxson 03-11-2019 12:34 AM

bump. I'd like to be able to keep my equip window open since I have a ton of gear to swap around but it blocks the right side of arena.

Glitchless 03-11-2019 12:49 AM

Use hotbar for equipment swapping.

Soxson 03-11-2019 01:07 AM

I already use hotbar. My point is that I wanna be able to keep the equipment/inspection window open without the inventory blocking the view of the arena action happening to the people on the right.

Glitchless 03-11-2019 01:18 AM

Then you need to float your inventory as well and position it elsewhere.

Soxson 03-11-2019 08:42 AM

I was hoping to not need to float my inventory somewhere else but I guess it's the only solution to my plight. I'll play around with the floating windows some more.

Glitchless 03-11-2019 08:59 AM

I'd recommend shrinking the size of the equipment window to make room for the others. If you're using the hotbar then you're probably using the equipment window mostly for visual reference.

Soxson 03-11-2019 01:37 PM

Correct. I have a hotbar for moving 1h weapons and shields into left and right hands, as well as an empty left hand hotbar to drop my 2nd weapon/shield and switch to a 2h. Plus bows, arrows and pets that all get swapped around. Definitely need a visual reference but it won't kill me to shrink that window. Tyvm for your help.

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