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bloodbaden 03-14-2010 09:28 PM

A clear and concise description of magics and weapons.
Oversection 1: Mainstream Weaponry.

Section 1: Crushing.

Crushing weapons are argueably the "strongest" weapons in the game. I say this in this manner because crushing weapons sacrifice MIN damage in exchange for increasing MAX damage. These types of weapons are best used by classes that EXPOUND upon abilities that require high damage to be done.
Crushing weapons are also more dependent on STR than other weapons are, due to the fact the higher one's STR is, the more likely the crusher is to actually connect.

Section 1.2: Slashing.
Slashing is, in essence, the middle path weapon. Slashing gives well rounded minimum and maximum damage. This type needs a more balance than crushers in strength and dexterity. I find a 2str: 1dex ratio to do quite well, you are free to experiment with this of course. NOTE: This does not include redstributionary enchants on a weapon

Section 1.3: Piercing.
Piercing weapons, more so than ANY other style of attack expound upon minimum damage, at the sacrifice of maximum damage. At low levels, piercers start off wth normal accuracy, and then as one attains a higher level, begin to work their way up to "excellent" accuracy, and even to EPIC accuracy (now this doesnt require virtues).These weapons are best used by those who expound upon their use (as of course). And a 2dex: 1str ratio has been reccomended.
Dexterity determines, not only how likely the weapon is to hit, but also your likelihood of dealing full damage with a piercing weapon. If you intend to use a shield, the str is there to increase your chance of blocking. NOTE: if you intend to block, it's better to be a crusher than a piercer, piercers are better at parrying than blocking, and vice versa e crushers.

bloodbaden 03-14-2010 09:29 PM

Oversection 2: Other Weapons

Section 2.1: Whips.
Whips are a lot like piercing weapons, except they deal slashing damage. Whips are fast, and sacrifice max damage for min damage like piercers. The difference between this weapon and mainstream weapons, is that whips tends to be considerably weaker than their mainstream counterparts. The difference is: whips give SIGNIFICANT boosts to what pets are able to do.
This makes a whip a good choice of weapon if you are a class that draws much of your ability from pets, such as a beastmaster, or even (such as myself) a vampire.
Section 2.2: Staves.
Staves are weapons that deal CRUSHING damage, but when in combat, the damage done is not modified by one's skill in "crushing" but one's skill in "staves", a death magic skill.
Staves, like whips, focus more so on minimum damage than crushers or slashers do. But they will get more powerful at later levels..
NOTES: The staves category has the FEWEST amount of epic items found. There are only 3 epic staves known to the game, as of current. Also, one 2h staff is considerably weaker or [if one is lucky enough to find an epic staff] equal to a weapon of the same or similar level.
ALSO: it's unwise to use a staff unless you are a CASTING class, such as a Necromancer, or a Warlock.
FINAL NOTES FOR THIS SECTION: there are no rare staves or whips at present that are KNOWN in Nodiatis.
Section 2.3: Bows.
Bows are significantly powerful weapons. Bows are similiar to piercing weapons, in the fact they require dexterity (in fact they require one's FULL dexterity, and no strength whatsoever). They differ from piercers in the fact that they are more powerful, and focus more so on maximum damage, when combined with an arrow. Also bows can be given speed boosts by wearing quivers.
NOTE: If your PRIMARY weapon is a bow, then it is reccomended that you give a +3dex : 0 str ratio (with bits of physical stamina [pst], potentially along the way if you absolutely MUST use energy consuming gems which most likely wont happen)
NOTE: You do not have to be a bow specialising class to be able to use a bow. There are other versatile classes (such as vampires) that can use bows for the opening shot in a fight. Although they might not be effetive if you enchant your INT/CNC skill too low. But that is also your choice.

bloodbaden 03-14-2010 09:30 PM

Oversection 3: Magic.

Section 3.0: Life magic.
Life magic, is the ONLY known magic that has the ability to give health back to a player, other than being a vampire.

Subsection A of section 3.0: White magic.
White magic is a very mild form of magic that consists of one HoT, one cyclic (see section [under construction]and a Direct Heal gem, all 3 use energy, but the HoT gem [blessed healing] uses both energy AND mana and is less efficient than the green HoT [regrowth]. There are also a single use Direct Damage attack gem, a recastable DD gem, and an AOE (attack all enemy) gem, a DoT [stigmata] and a damage reducing aura. ALL white magic spells consume energy, if either energy or mana is required. (As of to date.) The Direct damage magic sacrifices a CONSIDERABLE amount of maximum damage for minmum damage, which can be sequested by later abilities, boosts, and the use of staves.
NOTES: White magic is a FAIRLY inefficient form of DD magic, and should only be used if the following criteria are met:
1. Your class gets a bonus to white magic effects
2. Your class is a class intended to damage.
3. Your gem pouch has grown too large and you need gems to help fill the void.

NOTE: it is not reccomended to use anything but white HoT's, Cyclics/ DoT's unless you are a class that specializes in white magic, such as an Angel. (read above).

Subsection B of section 3.0: Green Magic.
Green magic is argueably the most powerful and efficent magic in terms of healing abilities. Green magic is the ONLY magic known to have a healing spell that does not require mana or energy[gaia's blessing]. ALL green magic spells use MANA. Green magic consists of all that white magic does, except the damage absorber is a damage mirror. Green magic can be most effectively described as the red magic of healing magic. Like red magic, it inflicts large amounts of damage, but is slightly less efficient than red magic.
If you are a druid, this is the magic for you, definitely.
1. The DoT Antigenesis requires BOTH MANA AND ENERGY
2. So does roots of vengeance (the 2nd and lesser used DoT of green magic)
3. Regrowth was the first actual healing over time gem made.

Section 3.1: Death Magic.
Death magic is some of the most powerful, and efficent magic known, but at the same time, this magic lacks healing and has few auras. Recently, the detrimental auras have been added to the black magic lineup, but red magic still does not have much to say for itself in the category of auras.

Subsection A of section 3.1: Red Magic.
Red magic is argueably the most powerful form of damaging magic in the game, in terms of maximum damage. All red magic spells consume MANA, but the DoT also consumes a negligable amount of energy. What red magic contains all that other magic contains, with the exception of what was mentioned in section 3.1.
This magic should be used by classes that expound upon direct damage magic. The DoT is quick but inefficient, yet at the same time helpful.

Subsection B of section 3.1: Black magic.
Black magic, argueably is the most EFFICIENT form of direct damage magic in existence. ALL (except one particular DoT in this magic, toxicity) use ENERGY. black magic and green magic the ONLY known magic with two [non epic] DoT's. Toxicity, a powerful poisoning spell, and Malingering, a slow but very efficient disease spell. Once again, check section 3.1 to see what black magic lacks.
Notes: Black magic has been given a few powerful auras. These are:
1. Aura of Lethargy: slows melee and ranged attacks.
2. Aura of Sloth: a rare class aura that slows melee attacks, ranged attacks, and gem draw delays.
3. Devampiric Mana aura: this aura gives mana to the bearer when the bearer has the gem active and is struck with any form of attack. It drains the mana from the opponent.
4. Devampiric Energy: same as Mana, but with energy instead.


bloodbaden 03-14-2010 09:30 PM

Oversection Final:PSYCH MAGIC.

Section: 4.0: Blue magic.

Subsection 4.1
Blue magic is an odd, but effective magic. Unlike other magic, the damage for blue magic is SET. MINIMUM and MAXIMUM damage, with blue magic, are equal. While this gives you assurance on the damage you will do, it's fairly inefficient. Blue magic consists of purely direct damage magic, an aura or two, and redistribution gems.

Subsection 4.2
Blue magic redistribution gems are the Balance gem aura, good for players who do not have any idea how to properly calibrate their gem pouch, or are just plain unlucky with gem draws, and manaburst, a powerful gem that gives you approximately DOUBLE the mana of the energy requried to use this gem.
1. Blue magic also consists of a line of single use and recastable gems that are known as [taunt] and [retaunt] respectively. Taunts are used to distract the foe from attacking another player, and to attack the caster of the gem instead. They also prevent the victim of its effects from escaping combat.
2. Like all recastables, retaunt is a bit less effective.
3. Blue magic also consists of 3 special gems known as [stun], [daze], and [mesmerize].

Subsection 4.3
Another little useful item is the cantrips. Damaging and the mana increasing cantrip are useful for battle, and helping someone get gems out of their pouch more quickly, while at the same time, dealing damage or boosting one's mana in favor of energy.

Daze: When a target is dazed, it has a chance of hitting someone or something other than the intended target

Mesmerize: Mesmerize (seen as "mes'ed) in game, prevents the afflicted from doing ANY action, this includes pet attacks, the use of gems and the drawing of gems from the pouch.

Stun: Stun prevents the target from doing ANYTHING like mesmerize, but on top of that, stun also prolongs the delay between drawing gems, attacking, and pet damage. For this reason, stun's effect is shorter in length than mesmerize.
Section 5: Gray Magic.

Subsection 5.1:
As the game describes, Gray Magic is a magic that does little, but prevents much. Gray Magic is a lot like a pencil with a strong eraser, yet a poor lead tip that smears and breaks easily.
Gray Magic has NO (non epic) damage over time's, but at the same time, it is the ONLY color of magic that has damage absorption shields. This makes them VERY useful for casters, and, if you use the fading auras, they prove useful for non casting classes as well, as per mana consumption: damage shield ratio.

Subsection 5.2:
It's HIGHLY debatable that Gray Magic is the weakest magic in the game. It combines the low end damage of White Magic, with the low energy (mana for gray) consumption of black magic. Sadly this combination does NOT make for a good damage magic. Gray direct damage magic is also inefficient and requires a higher level in its respective skill than black magic.

Subsection 5.3: Gray Magic also consists of A LOT of resistance auras, these auras are excellent if you are a class that specializes in reducing/taking damage such as a PALADIN, or GUARDIAN, as they will largely reduce on the damage you will take in battle, and ease off your contravention.

With that being typed, gray magic can be effectively dubbed a defensive magic, along with white, green, and blue magic. With THAT being said, one COULD say there are 4 magics with proficiency in defence, and 2 with proficiency in aggression.

bloodbaden 03-14-2010 09:31 PM


bloodbaden 03-14-2010 10:17 PM

Table of Versions:
0.1: Oversection 1 incomplete with errors.
0.2 Oversection 2 incomplete with errors.
0.3 Oversection 3 incomplete with errors.
0.4 Oversection 4 incomplete with errors.
0.5 Corrections posted to version 0.
0.6- 0.9 a brief interim with various touch ups and promises of updates.
Version 1.0 is currently in effect.
1.01: massive information regrouping, editing, correction of syntax errors, and corrections of information about magic.

bloodbaden 03-14-2010 10:20 PM

If there are any errors in this guide, please pm me in game or post them here and I'll edit them as soon as possible.

Special credits:

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purefear 10-07-2010 01:44 PM

lol blood you just cant keep this thread alive here ill help

khadirach 11-30-2010 10:57 PM

Revival :) I can't stop driving my blurry eyes through endless forum entries!! 1:2 str:dex for peirce.

Thanks baden :)

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